Delicious Creativity

The home of the interactive Biscuit. 

It all started with a random, middle of the night idea…..

Pickles & Bakes is a passion project, born out of lockdown. At its core are our ‘Paint Me & Colour Me Biscuits’, which began as a way to get ‘tech saturated & Zoomed-out’ kids (mine at the start) and then adults, away from screens and channeling their creativity, whilst simultaneously enjoying a treat!

From Local to National

A week after we made and posted our first prototype, we were selling them from our doorstep to exasperated parents in search of a new activity for their homeschooling students! 

Word spread, a few very kind influencers raved about us to their audiences and requests came flooding in. The 'Paint Me' Range was born.

Dinos & Hearts to Astronauts & Mermaids

In response to the demand our collections grew. Customers who’d tried and loved our 'Dinoroar' designs were hungry for the Astronauts and Mermaids. They’d perfected their skills with our edible paint palettes and were excited to road test our reusable edible ink pens. The 'Colour Me' Range was born.

Collabs and Retailers

The biscuits continued to travel the length and breadth of the country. We collaborated with the likes of Emma Bridgewater, Truffle Shuffle and Annabel Karmel on competitions; made completely bespoke biscuits for Meta, Twitter, Pepsico, Estee Lauder and more and now grace the shelves of some of the UK’s most reputable department stores like Selfridges.

Lateral Flows & Eat Your Face

We continue to push the boundaries on what we can make edible and interactive. Our ‘Colour Me Lateral Flow Biscuits’ delighted thousands during the pandemic – putting the recipient in charge of their fate and then giving them the ability to eat their result!

Our 'Eat Your Face' range has also become the ultimate treat in bespoke biscuits - your exact face or that of a loved one, transformed into a colourable and edible canvass!

Hand Made in North London

Through it all we have stayed true to our North London routes. Our growth plans are ambitious and our objective to bring 'edible creativity' to the UK and beyond is unwavering. Give us a go & follow our journey. We promise you that once you try our biscuits, you'll never want to colour on paper ever again! 

Trust us!

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