Delicious Creativity

The Home of interactive biscuits that are either colourable or paintable, wonderfully mess free, no-bake required, engaging and super fun!

Delicious Creativity

Our Interactive Biscuits are a treat and activity all rolled into one! They come with either a set of reusable edible-ink pens or an edible paint palette and its reusable brush. They are mess free, promote scree-free time and are totally delicious.

Try them for yoursleves....

Send a Gift

Surprise a loved one of any age with our Interactive Biscuits - let them paint or colour to their heart’s content and then devour their creation.

Entertain My Kids

Help foster your kids’ creativity and peel them away from screens with our Interactive Biscuits. We call it delicious creativity. It’s mess free and no baking is required. Win-win in our book.

Party Favours

These are the perfect going home gift - as well as our stock themes, we can make any bespoke design to compliment your party or event. The biscuits are individually bagged and come complete with an edible paint palette & brush. We can even print your face onto the biscuits.

Corporate Gifting

Delicious edible branding and creative corporate gifts, which elevate board meetings and surprise and entertain their recipients.

Eat my Face

Transform the face of a loved one, pet, hero or child into a paintable or colourable biscuit. Perfect for party favours or just a delicious surprise.

Bespoke Party Favours

Let us make you some Interactive Biscuits to suit your party theme – from VW Camper Vans & Surfboards for your Coachella Party to Knights & Dragons for your Medieval Banquets – the only limit is your imagination.